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Harmony Assistant is a music-making application designed to allow users to create digital music, offering advanced features for the creation of both single- and multiple-instrument staves, as well as voice staves.

This application comes with a user-friendly interface that provides quick access to all the program features. You are able to access various tools through a set of floating palettes, which are automatically opened once the mouse cursor is positioned over each icon.

The application offers the opportunity to create melodies either by using the musical notes or by using virtual musical instruments, which are displayed on the main screen. Therefore, by hitting the cords of a virtual guitar, the notes are automatically added on the staff, making it possible for you to visualize the notes of the song on the staff even if your knowledge in the field is not that advanced.

If you wish to create a melody using a male or female voice, the application makes it possible for you through the Virtual Singer feature that generates male/female voices, which you can use to create staves with lyrics. You can also change intonation and voice timber in order to make the voice sound as you wish.

All in all, Harmony Assistant can be an extremely useful musical tool for composers or people working in the music industry, allowing them to get creative with their tunes and save time through the reliable functions that it offers. It can also be used by those less experienced in the field, permanent assistance being offered to them in the help window displayed on the main screen.

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  • Full page edit mode
  • Male/female voice available through the Virtual Singer option
  • The possibility to listen to the newly created melody


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